Mayanaiya Botanicals - GRRR

Mayanaiya Botanicals - GRRR

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One of our more popular blends. After all, who doesn’t have a an irritable day?

Take the edge off your daily grind! Feel like yelling at the barista for serving cow’s milk instead of raw small batch almond froth? Yup, you need a dose of Grrr.

Dosing: 1 ml in a small glass of water.

Every body is different. FIND THE DOSE THAT WORKS FOR YOU! For the first dose, please start with 1ml. If you feel no effects within 20-30 minutes, take a second dose (1ml). Continue at the lowest effective dose.

To evaporate the alcohol, put in a small cup of boiling water and let sit for 5 minutes before taking.


If you feel unwell after taking any formula, stop taking it! Duh! Always consult your physician when trying new supplements.


Fresh holy basil aerial parts°, lemon balm aerial parts°, bupleurum root°, Chinese peony root°, ashwagandha root°, reishi fruiting body°, mature tangerine rind, nearly mature bitter orange fruit, Sichuan lovage rhizome, cyperus rhizome, honey-prepared Chinese licorice root.     


Blended with care in California, our formulas are:

  • All Western herbs are Certified Organic

  • All Eastern herbs are ethically and responsibly grown if not organic

  • Made in FDA approved facilities and follow stringent protocol

  • Gluten Free, Non-GMO, No Fillers, No Flavors

  • All formulas are double tested for purity